Serving Greensboro and High Point affordably and effectively since 1997.

Eric Skager

Guilford County attorney who strives to achieve results that exceed expectations through a commitment to Skager Law clients.

By putting all my focus on Criminal Law, DUI/DWI, and Traffic Law, I’m able to offer expert legal representation to clients in need. I aim to defend clients professionally and affordably because everyone deserves knowledgeable representation in the District Court.

How We Can Help You

Are you trying to keep your driving record clean?
Have you been charged with a DUI / DWI?
Are you facing criminal charges?

You want to keep a clean driving record and avoid increasing insurance points. I can help you reduce the offense so it will not result in insurance or license points against you.

Whether or not you feel you were in the wrong, I can discuss your charges and develop a plan. I will defend you to reach the best possible outcome for you.

We have helped thousands of people in Greensboro and High Point Court. We will zealously defend our clients professionally, conveniently, and affordably.

Attorney Skager, Thanks so much! You are great! 

Dot A.

Once again, thank you so much for your kindness and support.  God bless you.  

Marilyn B.

Thank you for your assistance with my issue.  I am very appreciative of the results.

Erin K.

It occurred to me that lawyers probably don’t get thank you cards very often, but I have to tell how thankful I am that you were my lawyer. 

Jessica N.

Just wanted to personally thank you for the outstanding service you rendered on my behalf with the Greensboro court system… 

Donald C.

I would like to thank you for getting my ticket dismissed.  Thank you again for your interest and help.

James W.

Skager Law is dedicated to providing inclusive and expert legal representation in the Guilford County District Court.

Meet Our Attorneys

Eric Skager
Criminal Defense Attorney
Linda Vasquez
Assistant and Translator

Bi-Lingual Staff

Not only do I offer affordable legal representation in the Guilford County District Court System here at Skager Law, but I also have a native Spanish speaker on staff, Linda Vasquez, who is able to translate and keep you updated on the status of your case if you do not speak English. Linda and I are dedicated to knowledgeably representing all of our clients, which is why we work hard to be available to anyone who needs legal representation. Regardless of your first language or your English proficiency, you deserve expert legal representation in court.

Experienced Traffic and Criminal Defense Attorney

I grew up watching my father fight for the people, which ignited a passion in me to do the same. I have showed up for and defended thousands of clients over the course of 19 years. With a strict focus on Traffic and Criminal Law, I carry a wealth of knowledge that attorneys with a wider range of services are unable to offer. Trust me, I have seen it all when it comes to Traffic and Criminal Law, so I am equipped with the knowledge and first-hand experience to confidently defend you through the legal process.

Easy to Contact

When you work 40 hours a week or go to school every week day, it’s hard to squeeze an attorney visit into your busy schedule. A traffic ticket or a criminal law charge will always throw a wrench in your plans, but here at Skager Law, I try to make it as convenient as possible. I can be reached anytime between the hours of 8:00 am – 9:00 pm at my direct line for Traffic Law or Criminal Law clients. If you want to discuss your legal status or criminal charges but are unable to do so until after 5:00 pm, that’s okay, I am available for my clients outside of normal business hours.

Call me directly at 336-870-1673 or fill out the contact form below

so we can discuss your legal situation and how I can help you keep a clean driving and criminal record.

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