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As I’m sure you are aware, a conviction for a criminal offense, however minor, may have significant consequences that could affect your ability to find employment or rent a home well into the future. Since 1997, I have represented people in the Greensboro and High Point courts and am always available to consult with you regarding your rights and legal options in this matter. I focus on Traffic Law and Criminal Law solely so I can provide the most knowledgeable representation to my clients.

In a Criminal Law case, you should always seek legal representation.

A criminal defense attorney has the knowledge and expertise to navigate the intricacies of the penal code – the North Carolina criminal law system. I have helped thousands of people in District Court criminal cases and have the experience to support you through the criminal defense legal process.

Have you been charged with a DUI? Or another felony criminal charge? Contact me today for a free consultation and we can discuss your legal options.

What can a criminal defense attorney do for me?



Even if you’re not guilty, you could say something wrong that makes you appear guilty. You might think representing yourself is easy, especially if you’re not guilty, but because North Carolina criminal law is so complex, it’s possible to say the wrong thing and be found guilty.



Don’t give up if you are guilty of the offense for which you have been charged. Even when the State has the evidence to prove you are guilty in your criminal law case, there are likely plea arrangements that can be negotiated. These arrangements can mitigate and possibly eliminate the consequences a conviction for a criminal offense carries.



If this is your first offense, you may be eligible to have your case dismissed through a deferred prosecution. If not your first offense, there is likely other defenses and forms of relief available to you.  Regardless of the situation, it makes sense to contact an attorney before taking action your own.

My last criminal defense attorney didn’t show up for me.

I’ve worked with many clients who have been burned in the past by other criminal defense attorneys. Unfortunately, that happens. Not every attorney has a passion for helping people. I understand your concerns and hesitation in working with a criminal defense attorney, but here at Skager Law I’m dedicated to fighting for the best possible outcome for our clients. Which means I will show up and I will defend you. Whether that means negotiating plea arrangements or proving you are innocent of the criminal charges, I will be there.

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