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There’s nothing much worse than the heart pounding, palm sweating, and stuttering that overtakes you when you’re car is on the side of the road and a police officer is looking down on you. No one actually enjoys that. But if you’re only pulled for speeding, then you shouldn’t feel too bad. Even though we wish it never happens to us, chances are high that you will get a speeding ticket at some point in your life. Now that you have the ticket and you’re over the stress of the confrontation, the worst is over. But what happens next?

Consulting an attorney experienced in North Carolina traffic law should be your next step.

When you’re worried about adding points to your license or your insurance rate increasing, it’s easy to get confused. Unfortunately, the nature of the point system in North Carolina is complex. By working with an experienced attorney, instead of trying to represent yourself, you’re more likely to avoid increasing any points.

Driver License Points VS. Insurance Points

Driver License Points

While most people know a points system in North Carolina exists, they don’t know the intricacies of the system. There are both Driver License points and Insurance points that accumulate and can end up costing you more in insurance fees. Most people are concerned about their Driver License points, but the real kicker is the Insurance points.

As long as you do not accumulate 21 license points within a 3 year period, then your day-to-day life will remain unaffected for the most part (unless you carry a commercial driver license).

Insurance Points

Insurance points should be your main concern because they are the ones which will cost you money.

1 insurance point has the potential to increase your monthly premium by 35% for 3 years!

Needless to say, a lot is on the line when you’re facing a speeding ticket or other traffic violation. A knowledgeable North Carolina traffic attorney will know the intricacies of the North Carolina point system used by the DMV in addition to the insurance ramifications laid out by the North Carolina Safe Driver Incentive Plan (SDIP).

The North Carolina Legislature enacted SDIP in an effort to reward safe drivers with lower rates and penalize those who are ticket-prone. Click the link above to learn more about the SDIP points system.

If you have recently received a Guilford County traffic ticket:

Do NOT pay the ticket before talking to an experienced attorney, even if the police officer advised you to pay it. It may save you money if you schedule a free consultation with me to discuss your case BEFORE you make any major decisions.

Non-waivable Offenses

I have a passion for helping and representing people when they find themselves in these circumstances, and while I wish all traffic violations were simple, there are certain tickets that you cannot just pay off. Non-waivable offenses also require a court appearance.

This scenario can present a problem for people living outside of North Carolina who were passing through or anyone who works or goes to school during the week. Nobody wants to go to court. It’s crowded, it takes forever to get through security, and you can’t bring in your smartphone. What are you supposed to do while you’re waiting hours for your case to be called without your phone?


Luckily, a traffic attorney can waive your appearance in nearly every instance so that you can go about your daily life on your own schedule, not the Guilford County Courthouse schedule.

What can a traffic attorney do for me?


Speeding offenses up to 25 mph over the limit may be reduced to a non-moving violation called improper equipment. Since it is now a non-moving violation, your license or insurance points will not increase.


A Prayer for Judgment Continued (PJC) may be granted for certain traffic as well as criminal offenses. If a PJC is granted in your case, judgment is not entered and the case is continued indefinitely. In short, it means you have not been convicted of the violation for which you have been charged.


Stop sign violations, red light violations, and even driving with a revoked license are all offenses which can be reduced to improper equipment and become a non-moving violation – saving you money for the next three years! In addition, you can keep a clean driving record.

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